Inequality Maximum -The richest 1 percent has 45 percent of all the wealth

The richest 1 percent has 45 percent of all the wealth

Created: 2016-03-2 Last modified: 2016-03-2 Published: 2016-02-3

Shocking figures when you look how the wealth is distributed. Are these people really more than 99% more valuable than any of the lower social classes. The counter-argument you hear soon. These people have worked for it. I doubt whether these people really struggle as the people at the bottom. I agree that you have to work for money, but the shitty jobs are often not done by millionaires. So who has it difficult ?

But these people have great responsibilities. That is often a true statement. But I think you even though they have great responsibilities may be wondering how they cope with these responsibilities? The cover-ups are well known and very often they spend it on themselves. That is allowed, but whether they always make the right decisions, I wonder? Take they really much better decisions and we can also reject as they make decisions that are bad for a large group of people? No we can not. They mainly take decisions to maintain themselves even when it is bad for other people. However, I think these people have only a limited sense of responsibility for all humanity even if they do have the power over all mankind.

The solution is therefore the inequalitymaximum. If wealth is fairly distributed to those with less ability to make decisions and are less dependent on what decision the rich people make. We must not accountable the rich people that they often make selfish decisions but divide the responsibility. We need to redistribute wealth so that the financial balance of power automatically ensure that everyone interests will be represented. And that can mean however that one has more influence than others. The question I want to ask is this ratio that the richest 1% 45% of the Wealth relationships where we can live with? The inequalitymaximum can offer a solution to create relationships that will keep the balance of power back into balance.

bron: Global Wealth Report

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