Inequality Maximum -The immigration issue - Fortune hunters vs. Luck keepers

The immigration issue - Fortune hunters vs. Luck keepers

Created: 2016-01-8 Last modified: 2016-01-8 Published: 2015-12-21

People who come to the Netherlands to seek happiness. Our borders are flooded. The middle class which will deteriorate. Poles taking over the job. Obviously, this is a dilemma. How far the fortune keepers want to be go backwards compared to the fortune seekers? Is the limit now achieved?

The world is now at is flipping point. Anyone actually know that the third world stay the Third World if nothing is changed in the system. If you were born in the third world than you would not take the chance and move to the rich West? How strange is it that people want to be happy and show that it can in the west. This is not strange fortune seekers just general human nature. Every person is looking for happiness in his life. And the search of people in the third world seems to lead all to the rich West.

In contrast, the people in the west are fortune keepers. They want not to change their happines . They actually want to just like the people in the third world become happier and much happier than their neighbor. How weird is it that you're going to find happiness?

This battle is simple to explain because there is a situation between 1st world and 3rd world. As the system works now it will not change. The same count for most people like in the 1st world want that money should be distributed more fairly between rich and poor. In essence, the middle classes and subclasses are the same fighting it out as the people in the Third World. Namely more money so you can be happier. The middle classes then played out by the elite against the poles because poles may also be happier if the middle classes want to be happier. Many people of the middle class would itself be happier and the poles are the enemy. In essence, the poles are in the same boat as the people in the third world and as the middle classes in the Netherlands. The middle classes in the Netherlands wins not really in times of prosperity. In times of loss loses precisely the middle classes of the elite. Thus, the difference between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger. Just as the difference between the 1st and the 3rd World world is increasing. The world is now literally trapped. The system works on the one hand very well, but it has some problems. Apparently capitalism leads to duality between rich and poor. This is then downside of the capitalist system.

The inequalitymaximum can provide a solution to this dilemma. You can improve the capitalist system and perfecting through democratic laws. You can create a link between rich and poor. The same can you do for entire chains. It can also chains that have scope outside the west so that people in the third world also benefit as well. People like in Bangladesh work for nothing would then have a better life.

have been trying for years let the market do the job but now still no solution. People in Bangladesh know. Now they are working for us. It seems to me it was not totally silly when they realize they will never be better off that they turn against the West. And unwilling to work. Perhaps Africans do not want to immigrate to Europe if they know that they can build a life in their own country.

There is a likely chance that the inequalitymaximum solve the immigration problem, solves the Third World and the problem that the middle classes never share the benefits of profits and get drawbacks in there own country. This is the revolution that we can unleash together. Religious violence there is still a long way to go. But a breeding ground for dissatisfaction and duality take you away from society.

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