Inequality Maximum -Technological progress and the inequalitymaximum

Technological progress and the inequalitymaximum

Created: 2016-01-7 Last modified: 2016-01-7 Published: 2015-12-18

Many see technological progress as an enemy. In our current capitalist system it is also a bit the enemy. The problem with technological progress is that more can be done with fewer people. Concretely, this means that you do not have to work as hard for the same, because machines do the work. The flip side is well known, there will also be fewer jobs.

The capitalist system works here in the present situation . The capitalist system is based on maximum efficiency. This is done by let people work as hard as possible for little money. Collective agreements and the Labour Code provide some resistance.

The inequalitymaximum is going against maximizing your returns partially. Because inequality is fixed, you can not boost profit margins by paying people less. If you're a boss of a company want to earn more then you have to give the people under you also more. This is captured if the inequalitymaximum is used.

The problem that Stephen Hawking says is that the class struggle will determine what will happen in the future and not the technical progress if there are fewer jobs.

This is certainly true. With the inequalitymaximum you can turn this class struggle for the better. The situation may arise in which people can work less and give work to other people because they retain enough income thanks to the inequalitymaximum . Shorter working week are then possible.

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