Inequality Maximum -The formula

The formula

This social revolution can be reduced to a formula and a program. Money is a number, when you talk about money is a formula in place.

The formula

// Defining all variable that you can fill out yourself 
var $topincome = ??;
var $lowincome= ?? ;
var $inequality;
var $inequalitymaximum = ??;

// calculate for inequality of incomes in percentage
$inequality = 100 - ($lowincome / $topincome) * 100;

 // Create an equation or inequalitymaximum is violated
if ($inequality> $inequalitymaximum)
// According to the  inequalitymaximum
// there is too much inequality
} Else {
// According to the  inequalitymaximum
// there is no problem with this inequality

Every programmer understands that this is a simple formula. Maybe too simple, according to some. But, we can achieve a revolution in people's thinking. If you set the maximum inequality 100% nothing has changed in the economy, but then you have already built a control mechanism over inequality and you can start turning the knob. If it does not work then you turn the knob again to 100% as it is now .