Inequality Maximum -Vision = Join the revolution

Vision = Join the revolution

We live in a world where fewer people have more and more people have little. The rich get richer and the poor get poor. We can feel the power of multinationals. That minority that increasingly have more are they also more human? The answer is likely they are intelligent people who are competent and have had some luck in life. But these people are actually ordinary person. Just as the poor man on the street. They are just as human as you and me.

With the inequalitymaximum allows society to control this inequality. Politicians can take action. Unions can come up with figures on inequality. Bosses of companies are forced one time per year to start thinking about all those people who work for him and why the ratios are as they are. The current inequalitymaximum is more than 99% for larger companies and chains.

There have been going several rumors that inequality is bad for society. The top keep the money on there bank and the poor need to survive. It might even be good for the economy that poor people get money because they spend it, rolling the money is good for the economy. People almost kill to get better. Fighting competition and bring down each other for money is a bad habit. With the inequalitymaximum, the battle will be less intense because there is less to lose and win. With the inequalitymaximum become possible to understand inequality fore all people in the company why there is a certain imbalance in the company. We are not the equal if you look at income but we are valuable and you may also see that on your paycheck. Join the revolution and promotes inequalitymaximum.

What a summary of this story is that everyone in the company is doing valuable work. But the value of a person is not granted by the majority of employees. This system should ensure that the value that someone has at the company is actually given in the paycheck.