Inequality Maximum -Hypothetical example of Earth Company

Hypothetical example of Earth Company

Every company needs money in a capitalist system, including Earth Company. You can imagine that fish are biodiversity. So fishermen and other people hunting wildlife must pay Earth company to extract beings from biodiversity. Wildlife is considered to be the property of Earth company in this construction.

These revenues can then be used again to maintain or create programs to promote biodiversity. The same goes for rainforest and other situations that make Biodiversity decline rapidly. What is valuable and / or scarce is also automatic expensive. The problem is, though, that Earth BV has some sort of monopoly, which I would like to put as a footnote to.

Of course, there is a lot of money to earn with, for example, precious metals. In this, Earth company can estimate or provide the asset against losses (such as biodiversity).
Suppose a company dumps waist on the Earth, causing damage to Earth, the Earth can see itself as disadvantaged and charge this person for the destruction of capital. The situation arises that the Earth company its not a externalities which but have intrinsic value and now also in capitalism has value, and that you can argue that polluters destroy capital just as vandal capital destroying others. Vandalism is punishable, so Earth Company has access to criminal law.