Inequality Maximum -Legal and Financial Legal person for the Earth

Legal and Financial Legal person for the Earth

If the Earth is a legal entity, the Earth may be a victim and go get his right. The current situation is that we have democracy and capitalism. Democracy is supposed to determine the rules of capitalism but has been drenched from lobbyists of companies. In this you could say that we should look at whether democracy is still in harmony with  capitalism. But this is not so important for the Earth Company.

What democracy tends to do is set a minimum condition. For example, a benefit. It is good to set the minimum condition that people can get not lower. But something else must happen, which is based on the inequality maximum. There must also be a balance between the maximum income and the minimum income and the inequality maximum is based on that.

In the context of democracy, this is the same for the Earth. If it really can't get any worse, democracy comes into action. This is also the issue of a democratic solution through law and regulation that tends to minimize standards. The real problem that the Earth has no rights does not really get solved by democraty. To tackle the root problem, it must be a part of capitalism itself. In short, a legal person. When the Earth is a business, then it does not have to be kept to a minimum and the Earth Company can decide what is good for the Earth. Scientist has a definition wat we get from the Earth.What we borrow an buy from the Earth is defined in this way:
- biodiversity
- Climate
- Nitrogen & Phosphorus pollution
- Country
- Water
- Ocean
- Atmosphere
- Chemical pollution
- Ozone Atmosphere

Since I have already indicated that the Earth Company is not a normal business, an important restriction for the Earth Company is that it is only allowed to sell pre defined products. The above products seem to me to be a good starting point and maybe we can start with one and then expand. Another point is that the earth was not created by a maker (or the maker is god according to some people). So the CEOs of the Earth Company are not owners like owners of standard companies. They have more the function of managing and organizing and making decisions as managers and CEOs do but are are not owner.