Inequality Maximum -Philosophy of Earth Company

Philosophy of Earth Company

The situation arises that the earth gets rights within the capitalist system is the same with the situation that arises with the banking sector. Banks do not add value to the capitalist system and do only administrative operations, which would mean that it should be a service that you can hire rather then a market. Who checks the money controls the people. This gave the banking sector so much power over the market that the relationship between the banking sector and the rest of the market has been sought. This dominant position because they are not a regulare company and can create millions  through an administrative act is a problem that has arisen.

In essence, the earth is not a "normal" company. Like the banking sector, for example, the earth has a separate status within the capitalist system. Because Earth Company has never existed, this will have to be monitored and evaluated. Where the banking sector has made it clear that your competitive position is very positive that you can create millions in seconds and other businesses need to work verry hard to creat that amount of money. Whether such a situation occurs with the earth Company is uncertain and currently unknown.

The philosophy behind this is that people will try to survive. Commercial companys you see the same behavior. In the capitalist system you are free as long as you can maintain your own survival. If the Earth is not a legal person, the Earth does not have the right to maintain its survival within capitalist frameworks. By making the Earth a legal person, the Earth has the right to maintain itself.

For example, in the case of Netflix, Netflix will not give away or sell its rights to sell films. Netflix gives use the possibility to hires movies but keep the rights and can and can survive that way. The philosophy is that the Earth Company will do the same. If the Earth Company sells everything, then he has nothing more and would cease to exist. Therefore, the Earth Company will not just sell all its raw materials or other things of value. We borrow the earth as much as we have the right to use Windows. Microsoft also does not sell Windows rights because they deserve nothing more. That is the self-preservation mechanism within capitalism that Earth Company can also do.