Inequality Maximum -The program - Dilemma + solution

The program - Dilemma + solution

The inequalitymaximum is especially good for large businesses and chains. The inequalitymaximum is less good for small businesses.

In the case of of the singer Queen is obvious that the band has succes and not the bus driver, the manager or the cleaner. The singer Queen earned a lot. If he agreed there would be an inequalitymaximum of 80%, and he earned 10 million per year would mean the following. 20% of 10 million means that the cleaner would earn 2 million. This is not the intention. The singer Queen is a small company / band and is therefore less suitable for the inequalitymaximum.

The solution is that the top 25-150 people of the business hold a inequalitymaximummeeting one once a year . The top participating in this discussion are classified by democratic manner in there inequality. The leaders of the company retain its veto rights in the discussion of inequalitymaximum. This is to ensure that leaders such as Queen and the band are not overruled by a majority. Or in a situation in which a man has set up a business and has grown, it is logical that this man can make decisions. Also, in these meetings are discused what the starting point of the inequalitymaximum of the other people are. The union may also be present. Then there occurs per layer and for the whole of the company after the starting point legal captured inequalitymaximum into effect.

With these people you should consider the following points:
  • What is the added value of the service or product
  • What is the complexity of the task
  • What are the responsibilities of the person
For the legal captured inequalitymaximum, people can be divided into layers, it may be 4 to 12 layers. The rules governing the layers are as follows. In the case of a four-layer system this should be: in the upper layer at least 10% of the people. In the second layer 20%, and in the third layer 35%. This will ensure that they don't stop just one person in the upper layer and the rest in the low to get people in a lower layer. In a 12-layer system or something in between the percentages are different. You can also make arrangements for legal inequalitymaximum per layer. That means you legal capture  inequalitymaximum of a layer and that you capture the overall inequalitymaximum for all layers.