Inequality Maximum -The program - introduction

The program - introduction

What happens in many large companies is that if you're a low employee that you are a number. The boss of the company don't knows employee 3000 to 6000. They are on the payroll and he knows about what the group employees is doing within the company, but he has no idea who the employees are.

During economize this happens. The cuts affect all of us employees from 3000 to 6000. Thus, these employees receive 10 euros per month less. Per year is 120 euro. In total, it will mean that the company saved 120 * 3000 = 360,000 euros.

During periods when the company realizes a profit, this obviously is due to the good work of the leaders and especially only these people received a higher salary.

Is not it nice when you can say to your boss that inequality over the last 10 years has grown in the company and you can also benefit in times of profit. When take the inequalitymaximum as a guide you make a link between high income and low income and so everyone benefits in times of profit and everyone loses as much in times of cutbacks. By making this link you go to the bad principle that you are a number. You fight beeing a number with a number and that is the inequalitymaximum.