Inequality Maximum -The program - Likely outcome

The program - Likely outcome

I think we live in the era of the strong leader. I think it is also good to give it an opposing force. Leaders who just organize do it often not very good at the inequalitymaximum discussion. Leaders with talent often do well in inequalitymaximum discussion.

Leaders are never corrected. They are the boss so they determine what happens. They are after all a leader. People tend to find themselves more important than others. This is our human nature, where you in my opinion can have some resistance against it. People are not corrected at the top. In a democratic inequalitymaximum meeting leaders be forced to compare themselves with in relation to the rest of the company. They are obliged to come out of their ivory towers and go into discussion. This can affect how leaders see themselves and has a corrective effect how they compared themselfs to other people.