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Welcome by Inequality Maximum

The Revolution has begun, The perfection of the capitalist democratic system. With one common human value, a shared value, a maximum in inequality, inequalitymaximum.

Vision = Join the revolution

We live in a world where fewer people have more and more people have little. The rich get richer and the poor get poor. We can feel the power of multinationals. That minority that increasingly have more are they also more human? The answer is likely they are intelligent people who are competent and


The formula

This social revolution can be reduced to a formula and a program. Money is a number, when you talk about money is a formula in place.The formula // Defining all variable that you can fill out yourself var $topincome = ??; var $lowincome= ?? ; var $inequality; var $inequalitymaximum = ??; // calculat


The program - introduction

What happens in many large companies is that if you're a low employee that you are a number. The boss of the company don't knows employee 3000 to 6000. They are on the payroll and he knows about what the group employees is doing within the company, but he has no idea who the employees are.During eco


The program - Dilemma + solution

The inequalitymaximum is especially good for large businesses and chains. The inequalitymaximum is less good for small businesses.In the case of of the singer Queen is obvious that the band has succes and not the bus driver, the manager or the cleaner. The singer Queen earned a lot. If he agree


The program - Chains

Nowadays there is often one very large company and next to the  company originated small businesses which are affiliated to it. You can also use the inequalitymaximum for complete chains. The head of the parent company is the head. Other heads of other companies may join the parent company to d


The program - Likely outcome

I think we live in the era of the strong leader. I think it is also good to give it an opposing force. Leaders who just organize do it often not very good at the inequalitymaximum discussion. Leaders with talent often do well in inequalitymaximum discussion.Leaders are never corrected. They are the


Facts now anno 2015

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